Build Brands & Brand Strategy

Creating a strong brand that’s relevant and meaningful to your target market is crucial to driving interest, preference, sales and profitability.

Great brands tend to have a deeper purpose and deliver on a promise that’s larger than just a collection of features & benefits.

Brand strategy is about creating the foundational building blocks for the successful sales of your products and services.  Understanding the market landscape, the needs and emotions of your target customer, and the competition, are just some of the keys to being able to develop a brand offering that best meets your customer’s needs and differentiate your products and services in the marketplace.

From building Fortune 50 brands representing billions in sales dollars, to re-imagining and re-defining legacy brands, we have the right experience to help you build effective and meaningful brands – from discovery of key consumer insights, to research and concept validation; from brand development to market launch and activation.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is how you meaningfully differentiate yourself from all the other competitive choices.  It provides both the clarity & consistency needed to set your customers expectations, and also acts as an internal compass for your organization.

Yet with a cluttered marketplace full of choices, identifying your brand’s positioning can be a challenging proposition. We’ll work with your team to help craft, refine and clarify a singular vision for your brand that positions you for success in the marketplace.

Visual Brand Identity

Visual Identity establishes the look of your brand. From logos and packaging, from traditional collateral, business cards and ads, to your digital and online presentation, its all about how your projects itself visually.

Verbal Brand Identity

Verbal Identity establishes how your brand speaks to the market, and includes everything from a memorable brand name, to an effective tagline, to specific messaging that speaks directly to your target market. It also sets the tone and approach your brand uses to deliver that message.

Logo and Packaging Design

A logo can be simply a stylized version of your brand name, contain graphic elements, or be an iconic representation of your brand. Whatever direction you choose, your logo and packaging design are two of the most important and recognizable visual aspects of your brand.

Whether you’re looking to dust off an existing brand that needs a packaging refresh, or are creating a whole new brand’s look and feel, we can help. We’ll work with you to define the project objectives, craft an effective creative brief, and can even manage the entire creative process for you.

Our goal is to get you the most impactful and effective creative work possible. And, to be sure that it’s “more than just a pretty package”, we’ll work with the team of designers to be sure that your logo & packaging are on-strategy, and work hard to build just the right image for your brand.

Communication Strategy, Brand Messaging, Copywriting

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get great copy from your marketing department, PR team, or even ad agency.   And that’s because when it’s your brand speaking, it’s never just about clever headlines, and copy is never just “copy”…every word needs to be carefully chosen to reflect your brand.

Your messaging must continually deliver on your brand strategy, and you need to the right approach and tone of voice to appeal to your particular audience.

As brand strategists  who are also writers, we’re uniquely suited to crafting effective and engaging messaging and brand stories in a voice that becomes authentically yours.

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