Resourcing, Coaching & Workshops

If you’re trying to find a top-notch creative agency or you need a strategic leader who can facilitate your next brainstorming session, Brand Verbalist can help.

Creative & Agency Resourcing

At Brand Verbalist, we don’t claim to do everything…we’re brand strategists, marketers and verbal messaging experts. So in order to focus on what we do best we don’t do any visual identity or design work “in-house”.

Instead, we’ve developed great relationships with a wide variety of creative resources including global packaging experts, corporate identity firms, regional ad agencies, as well as some amazing freelance designers.

We’ll help you identify the right firm, agency or designer to meet your project needs, business objectives, working style and budget.

From there, we’re happy to simply provide advice and guidance, or take on a much more active role by conducting the entire agency search (or RFQ) process for you. We can even manage the entire creative process for you, acting as your project leader and agency contact, leaving you more time to focus on other things.

Workshops, Coaching & Teaching


Sometimes getting your own team aligned and on board is the biggest hurdle to implementing any brand or business strategy. Brand Verbalist can conduct branding workshops that utilize the input and expertise of your internal organization.

Not only does this benefit the work itself, but it also helps provide greater understanding, engagement and buy-in up front from your organization.

We’ve been told by many organizations that these are the most “fun” they’ve had in any “meeting”.


Does your leadership team have a specific business challenge it needs to solve?

Are you planning a big meeting, and need someone to lead, guide and facilitate?

Does your organization need to know more about brands and branding concepts?

Does your team need to understand how their role in brand management can impact decisions by consumers at shelf?

Are you looking to immerse your group in a particular region to deepen their understanding of a particular target segment or market?

Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help plan, facilitate and lead your organization through their next offsite, brainstorming session or strategic meeting.

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