Business & Brand Optimization

We’ll help you see your business with a fresh set of eyes. Be prepared…we often pose some challenging and provocative questions, with the end goal being to drive new thinking, identify additional business opportunities, and open up new growth avenues.

Most businesses are looking for growth, but unfortunately many lack the resources to dedicate enough time to the task. And sometimes, internal organizational hurdles can make it difficult to challenge the status quo.

Whether its looking for new distribution channels, identifying new target markets, helping to boost sales with existing customers, or making sure your brands are delivering the maximum potential for your company, we can help.

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture looks at how a company’s various brands are related or grouped.   It’s also where we study the role your corporate or company brand plays in your various product brands.

Whether its by relating your brands at the corporate or family brand level, or through the use of endorsed or sub-brands, or by developing individual product brands, we’ll help you create the most effective brand architecture.

Identifying & Developing Growth Strategies

Sometimes having an outside set of eyes to look at your existing offering, customers, channels, and product development funnel can provide valuable insights into potential areas for growth.  Whether the goal is to increase top line sales, grow market share, or to diversify your business, there are a number of avenues to explore.
From developing action plans, to studying emerging trends, from conducting strategic audits to identifying new business channels, to delivering insightful presentations, we’ve done it for manufacturers, retailers, and certification bodies alike.

Just some of the tools we might use:  Key Stakeholder Interviews, Strategic Audits, Whitespace Assessment, Brainstorming Sessions and Leadership Workshops.

Strategic Audits

Maintaining industry knowledge and leadership, studying market trends, and keeping up with the competition takes a lot of time.   We can help by providing focusing on a specific market, channel, customer segment, target customer or the competition to gather meaningful information to help you inform your business strategies.

Some of the tools we might use:  Brand Audits, Competitive Audits, Category Audits, Channel Audits, Retail Audits

Marketing Strategy

If your organization is short on experienced marketing staff due reduced headcount, or needs someone experienced to help developing a well-thought out marketing plan, we can help.

We have options to provide short-term strategic guidance, marketing advice and coaching, or more hands on interim marketing leadership, depending on your organizations needs.

Whether it’s to help you fill short-term staffing needs, or to just augment your knowledge in aspecific marketing area, we can help, without the need for you to battle for permanent headcount.

Pitch Partner

Creating a great product is only half the battle.  Getting your product in front of the right retailers and customers is the other half.  Proper framing of your sales story is important.  How the product fits within the existing assortment, the benefits to their customer, and how it can boost retailer sales and margins are keys to gaining placement.

We’ve helped our clients work on pitches in the office, drug, mass and home improvement channels.  Let us help you aim your next pitch for a home run.

Brand Portfolio Management

Looking at your business and your brands holistically can be a challenge for an organization to do effectively on its own.  Complexity, lack of time, various business units working in isolation, and even politics, can hinder such efforts.

Having someone from outside the organization to perform a brand portfolio assessment can be a valuable exercise.  By studying all your existing brands, we’ll determine the role they play for the consumers, your channel parnters, as well as the purpose they serve for the your organization.

From there, we will develop a plan to best leverage all your brands assuring that each one has a clearly defined purpose for your organization and a relevant value proposition in the market.

Where there are gaps, we can help you capitalize on those opportunities.   If there is an opportunity to simplify, or further leverage your brands, we’ll help you transform existing brands, and we’ll also provide recommendations on brands that can be consolidated or eliminated.

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