Over the years, people have repeatedly asked us about our name. “Why the name Verbalisttm?” and why Brand Verbalisttm specifically?

Although many companies choose a name that has nothing to do with their products or services, like apple (computers and phones) or dove (chocolate), it was important to us to choose a name with a stronger link to what we offer, for a couple of reasons.

The first was focus and the second was passion.


These days many consulting firms, as well as agencies, are afraid to limit themselves in any way, fearing they’ll limit their client opportunities.

Instead, they market themselves under a “full-service” model…preferring to tackle all kinds of projects including advertising, digital and social media, packaging, PR, strategy, video, and whatever else a client might need.

But in our minds, specializing isn’t a negative – it’s a positive, for both us, as well as our clients. It allows us to focus. We get to concentrate on what we know best and what we do best.

When our clients work with us, they know we’ve been studying and working with the best practices in our chosen field – branding; and are constantly working to develop new approaches that we can apply to their business challenges.

So our specialty is branding – all types of branding. Yes, we do training, workshops, business building, develop new brands, develop marketing plans and strategies private brand and portfolio management, but it’s always centered around BRANDS and BRANDING, or we don’t do it.

So we wanted to choose a name that made that point very clear.


So what heck is a “Verbalist”? Well, the definition of a Verbalist is “someone who works with words”.

Verbal skills are imperative in branding – for everything from naming, to bringing brands to life, to crafting brand stories for marketing and advertising.

We use our skills daily to hone the perfect creative brief, educate executive teams on the value of branding, and help individual businesses develop the voice of their brands.

Luckily for us, we’re passionate and professional writers (some of our staff have been secretly toiling on novels in their off hours), so being able to use our writing skills to better our client’s work is a dream come true.

And we chose to specialize in Brand strategy because we believe that, above all other things, it can create the biggest impact on businesses of all kinds. From large corporations with many product lines to individuals launching their first products, from huge service based B2b companies to individuals branding themselves.

Lastly, of all the things we’ve done in our careers, branding and brand strategy is just the most fun!

So for those of you who’ve asked about our name…

Yes, our name is a bit limiting…but our choice was purposeful.

We wanted everyone to know exactly what we were good at, what we loved doing, and what we didn’t want to do (anything else!)

Focus & Passion.

So what exactly is in a name? Well, for us…everything!