Why would I hire someone who isn’t from my industry?

Actually, it’s exactly because we may not already know your company/industry/product or customer that we can be more objective, more creative, more effective and frankly…well, more frank.

We’re not hindered by politics so we can more effectively challenge the status quo, and feel free to dig deeper, even when we get responses like “we do it because that’s the way we’ve always done it”, or the “I think they tried that 20 years ago and it didn’t work”.

Also, it can be very beneficial be able to pull from a knowledge base gathered from other industries, customers, or channels to see if there are any key learnings or best practices that could be beneficial to your business.

You should know that although we’ll never strut in the door assuming we already have all the answers, we will certainly be asking some challenging and thought-provoking questions. But be assured it’s for a good cause…each one of these “tough questions” is intended to serve a specific purpose – to drive new ways of thinking, or look for creative solutions to business challenges; to identify opportunities you may not have considered, or to help open up new avenues for growth.

How big do I need to be before it makes sense to call you?

It’s not the size of company we are interested in, nor is it the type of industry you’re in, not even the kind of product or service you’re selling. For us, it’s all about building sound strategies and a solid foundation for whatever your brand, service, or business is. And to be truthful, it’s also about the type of client, and how well we think we can work with them, as a team, to most successfully provide actionable insights and tools to meet their needs.

We’ve had some amazing clients, all of whom have known that they needed something “more” than just an ad campaign or new packaging, but often weren’t sure what it was that they were missing. For many of them building the strategic foundation and knowledge base first is what allowed them to really pinpoint what it was they truly needed.

Give us a call and tell us about your challenge…we’d love to help if we can. And, if we’re not right for the job, we’ll be honest enough to say so, and will even try to point you in the right direction so youo can find another firm who might be a better fit for your project.

Have more questions? Contact us and we will be happy to respond!

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