Project Description

Jan Pak, a leading Janitorial & Sanitation supply company, had recently been acquired. They initially had been looking for some refreshed web and marketing tools, but realized that they also needed some additional foundational work.


Although the company was very successful, they recognized the need to provide the entire organization, as well as their new ownership, a focused viewpoint about who the company was and what value it provided to its customers.

What We Did

Working with one of their existing agency partners, we performed several brainstorming and workshop exercises to hone in on their value proposition. The challenge was not only properly positioning the company’s brand externally within the market, but also as it compared to the other brand offerings within the parent company’s broader holdings.


Because Jan Pak’s parent company already had many other Jan-San companies under its management, we completed a deep dive brand portfolio assessment and provided a business recommendation that would help crystallize Jan Pak’s role and place within the broader company holdings, as well as to drive leverage and operational efficiencies for their parent company.

Project Elements

  • Competitive audit
  • Workshop & brainstorming sessions
  • Brand positioning
  • Deep dive brand portfolio assessment
  • Portfolio realignment recommendation