Project Description

Kobalt Tools, a proprietary brand of a major home improvement retailer, had steadily gained market share. As the brand grew in sophistication and increased its marketing efforts, it began to be perceived in the market as a leading consumer desired tool brand, vs. just a less expensive alternative to the national brands.


Within several of Kobalt’s product categories, other retailer private brands were also offered, creating the potential for brand confusion, both internally at the retailer and for its consumers.

What We Did

By developing a full brand identity for Kobalt, including visual and verbal components, we were able to establish the brand’s purpose, look and feel within the marketplace, as well its own distinct purpose and positioning within the retailer’s own brand portfolio.

Through the creation of a well-crafted messaging platform and copy strategy, we were able to create a more cohesive and consistent brand within all of the brand communications.

After conducting a full brand audit, we outlined a clear brand strategy for all three of the store’s owned brands that lived within Kobalt’s shared product categories.


With the private brands more well defined, buyers are now able to make better distinctions between the brands, and better decisions as they relate to their product assortments.

Kobalt has gone on to become a major player and successful competitor in the marketplace, but it’s success has also demonstrated to a retail buying organization that strong and consistently treated brand can greatly increase the bottom line.

Project Elements

  • Brand positioning within market
  • Defined relative positioning within private brand portfolio
  • Brand character, tone of voice
  • Brand story
  • Messaging platform & brand copywriting
  • Develop and refine visual assets
  • Visual Board
  • Development of brand guidelines