Project Description

Safe Fit, a manufacturer of juvenile travel gear and accessories, had recently re-branded their product line from a their company name, under a new brand called Brica.  The company had completely had completely recreated their visual identity, including a consumer friendly logo, and a new packaging design and corporate look.


Brand Verbalist was engaged to help further develop Brica’s new brand’s identity, specifically to position the brand for success, as well as to establish a strong Verbal Identity and messaging platform to help differentiate the brand in the market, and to help redefine the company and its product offering with its customers.

What We Did

We worked with the Brica team to expand the organization’s focus from a strictly customer-centric model into a more balanced and consumer-centric approach.  After refining the target consumer, a new, less limiting, brand positioning was created.  This paved the way for the brand to begin stretching into adjacent product categories to better meet the needs of the consumer.

In order to drive more consistent brand messaging we developed the brand’s personality, we crafted a brand story and solidified the brand’s communication and messaging strategy.


The re-branding efforts were a huge success.  The product offering was greatly expanded as buyers saw Brica as a more legitimate player in more juvenile categories and retail sell through increased dramatically.   In time, Brica experienced such success in the marketplace that they were later acquired by another great juvenile products brand, Munchkin.

Project Elements

  • Competitive audit
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand personality
  • Consumer target refinement
  • Verbal identity & messaging strategy
  • Brand story